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Your daily laboratory notebook, reinvented!

With the Electronic labarotory notebook you can keep track of your daily results, generate an authorship proof with legal validity for each result, and make your past, present and future research more organized and easily accessible!

ResarchProof ELN allows you to upload any type of result or work

scientific results




paper drafts

With ResarchProof ELN your research becomes

Organized and Accessible

You can organise and access more easily to your past, present and future results, so that no valuable finding is lost over time!

Easily shareable

You decide how to share your results: you can keep them private or share them with other scientists and groups!

Authorship Protected

You can generate a legally valid proof of existence for the scientific content you produce, and make sure that your moral authorship is always preserved

ResarchProof ELN can be used in any field of science

physical science

life science

social science

formal science

applied science

eln screen

What is this ResearchProof ELN?

ResearchProof Electronic Laboratory Notebook is the good old laboratory notebook, only reinvented! With this tool you can upload daily results, prove your authorship for each result, and keep track of your past, present and future findings. You can easily organise your work, so that no valuable finding is lost over time! Results can stay private or be shared with other scientists and groups.